Who is the best Virat Kohli or Steve Smith?

Let’s start the debate about who is best Virat Kohli or Steve Smith with a visual. In the process, we will get some evidence of why these two gentlemen do consider as the best batsmen of their generation.

Virat Kohli vs Steve Smith comparative analysis in Test cricket
Virat Kohli vs Steve Smith comparative analysis in Test cricket

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Difference between Virat and Smith

There are no similarities in their playing style. Virat Kohli batting technique can be compared with a beautifully crafted artwork, while Smith batting is an ugly science. He has the most unorthodox batting pattern that cricket has ever witnessed.

While when we see Virat Kohli bats, we may think that batting is so easy. His effortless batting style is the main reason why we can find batting is the easiest thing in the world.

On the flip side, Steve Smith gives us the opposite feeling, that batting might be the hardest task in the universe.
However, This analysis is not good enough to take away the credit that Steve Smith deserves for his pedigree, that he is maintaining in the test arena, since his emergence.

Most hundreds scored in test since 2010
Most hundreds scored in test since 2010

Some word that can determine their style of play

Virat Kohli – Majestic, effortless, Marvelous

Steve Smith – Effective, Unorthodox, Unusual

Do not forget to give your word in the comment section that justifies their batting style.

But folks as a spectator or critics we can choose the right batting style, which gives the maximum amount of pleasure to the eye.

As a continuation of the process, we will try to analyze the statistics of these two fantastic players.

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Akash Chopra on Virat & Smith

What makes them so special

Both of them are very hungry for producing good numbers for their country. This quality sets them apart from others.

Every team has very few players who have the rare ability to inspire the whole generation.

India and Australia cricket system can feel proud for producing these two incredible materials.

Harsha Bhogle on Smith & Kohli

Virat Kohli Strengths

Virat’s biggest strength which makes him different from others is the ability to find the vacant place in the field, with real ease.

Bowlers seam really helpless when they face the in-form Virat, while his intentional approach of not to play in the air does make the bowler life very hard.

During the India tour of England in 2014, he faced a problem to leave the ball outside the off stumps. As a result, he was failed to impress in that particular series.

But since then he has worked very hard on his weakness. It is fair enough to say he has converted his weak zone into strong.

With a firm bottom-hand grip and the ability to smash balls landing on a particular area to any part of the ground at will and without much risk, Kohli has carved a niche of his own in Indian cricket.

The king of chases as many of his fans have christened him, Kohli is a deeply hammered nail across all formats.

5 improbable records by the king of chase Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli’s improbable records
Virat Kohli’s improbable records

Steve Smith Strengths

His unorthodox technique had only grown with an exaggerated trigger movement and shuffle across the stumps, all of which raised eyebrows among the purists.

Moreover, he is a player who seems to very less affected by the game situation. Moreover, he is more than good enough to carry out the burden of the whole team on his shoulder.

However, He is not a power hitter by any mean but his ability to rotate the strike regularly does help his innings to build. In addition, he has equally good techniques to counter both spin & pace. The ability to read the game situation is also a noticeable aspect of his batting technique.

He is someone who always looked to shuffle when he negotiates the ball. So why often bowler remains become clueless, when they bowl at him. His tremendous mental toughness is another aspect that makes him identical from other players as well.

Highest Numbers of hundreds in ODI since 2010
Highest Numbers of hundreds in ODI since 2010

Who is the best of ODI format?

Virat Kohli has scored 41 hundred in the ODI format since 2010. No other batsman has not been able to score the same numbers of hundreds within 10 years span.

Not only of his own generation but also he is the best match-winner of all time in the ODI format. While Steve Smith’s numbers in this format are not rich as compare to test.

He has scored only 8 hundred in the ODI format, since his arrival. Now only time can give us the best indication of how much he can enhance his ODI career.

Best of the test format

The visuals right at the top of this post give us a really good indication, how dominant they are in the royal format of the games.

If we justify greatness in the test format based on the stats then Steve Smith is ahead of Virat Kohli in terms of numbers.

Steve Smith has scored 25 hundred since 2010 with an average of 55.76, while Virat has scored 21 in the same period of time at an average of 55.

Both of them have scored a substantial amount of runs in different conditions. Solid techniques are the main enigma behind their success in the alien conditions.

Moreover, right now they are ranked 1 & 2 respectively in the ICC test ranking. Which does gives the indication why they are the best among rest at the moment.

A blog post is not good enough to justify the greatness of these two incredibly talented players.


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