Why India vs Pakistan cricket rivalry lost its appeal?

it is needless to say that India vs Pakistan rivalry has lost its appeal. It does not seem as exciting as it was in the past.

However, the match between India and Bangladesh seems more enjoyable nowadays than the Indo-Pak clash.

There are some factors that will give some more ray on the respective topics.

India vs Pakistan head to head in the World cup matches

16 June 2019India89 RunsManchester
15 February 2015India76 RunsAdelaide
30 March 2011India29 RunsMohali
01 March 2003India6 WickestCenturion
8 June 1999India47 RunsManchester
9 March 1996India39 RunsBengaluru
4 March 1992India43 Runs Sydney

Pakistan has not won a single World cup match against India yet. They’ve met together 8 times in the World Cup.

However, their performance against India in the ICC tournaments is one of the biggest reasons why Pakistan finds them in the receiving ends, in an Indo-Pak clash.

Quality of players

The current Pakistan team has the scarcity of match winners, in particular, in the white-ball format. Although Babar Azam is generating some very good numbers for his team. But one odd individual is not good enough to move the team forward. Moreover, they do not have enough backup players as compare to India.

On the other hand, the Indian team is blessed with some greats of the modern game, likes of Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, etc. Their contribution to the success of the Indian team is humongous. Both of them are capable to finish the game on their own. We don’t see any player in the Pakistan line-up who can match their stature.

India team

Fitness Level

Pakistan has a big issue regarding the fitness department The fitness level of the current Pakistan team is not up to the mark.

The only exception is young leggie Shadab Khan, who is the most agile man for Pakistan in the field. They need more individuals who can save some precious runs in the field.

While India is busy in setting fitness standard for the players. If any players do not pass the fitness test, he can not be part of the team, it does not matter how talented the player is.

While Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Khan himself is not known for his fitness. There is a famous quote in cricket that the captain should as good as its team.

So in that case, this is not helping to set the fitness culture for the team. Pakistan players need vast improvements in their fitness to remain more competitive in modern cricket.

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Dynamism in the batting

Pakistan team lacking enough firepower in their batting order, that is required for the modern game. They are still playing with the traditional formula of white-ball cricket, rather than an aggressive approach.

To be precise, they are missing the x-factor in their batting line-up. So why so often they are failing to post a challenging score on the board.

As nature, Fakhar Zaman is an aggressive batsman, but he is not shown enough consistency that is essential at the top of the order. Umar Akmal is another one who has the potential as well. But he is out of the scene due to his disciplinary issue. Moreover, he is not delivering with the bat as well.

While India has quite a few players who can destroy the opposition bowling. Hardik Pandya is doing quite well with his power-hitting role, so often he provides the impatience that is required at the end.

We do not see any other Pakistani batsman who has the ability to provide the firepower at the end.

In modern cricket, the role of the power-hitting batsman is very crucial to dictate the term.

India vs Pakistan in last 10 ODI
India vs Pakistan in last 10 ODI

Handling the pressure

No doubt India vs Pakistan match is all about handling the pressure in a positive manner than anything else.

The current Pakistani players seem always under immense pressure while they play against the neighbor India. They also remain mentally down while they played against them. So why more often they broke down under pressure.

While Indian Players seems to enjoy the occasion, rather than taking the extra pressure.

Opening Partnership

The Indian openers in the white-ball format doing exceedingly well since the world 2015. Both Rohit Sharma & Shekhar Dhawan has really improved as a player and contributing very well over the success of team India.

So often they are setting the tone for their team in the upfront. Openers and Virat Kohli has scored 50 percent of the total runs they have scored since world cup 2015.

Pakistan seems very inconsistent in the opening slot.

Fielding Standard

India has improved immensely in the fielding departments, under the leadership of Virat Kohli. In addition, quality fielding is one of the main reason why India is dominating in all three formats of the game.

Team India is blessed with some brilliant athletes, for example, Ravindra Jadeja, Virat Kohli, Hardik Pandya, etc. They always seem very agile in the field.

In contrast, Pakistan fielders so often let down their bowling by poor fielding skills. Recently they have dropped many crucial catches in the cricket world cup 2019, which eventually cost them the game. Fielding is a very much basic part of the modern game.

Structure of the First-class cricket

There is a lot of difference in the structure of the first-class cricket between India and Pakistan. The U-19 and A-team framework in India is perhaps the best in the world. Moreover, the coaching crew, administration, management is far more convenient in India as compare to Pakistan.

The disarray in the basic foundation in Pakistan, so often it disturbs the national team structure. While in India, the upcoming players do groom, with a lot of care.

A substantial amount of Indian domestic player gets the opportunity to play in the Indian Premier League. As a result, they got a very good chance to rub the shoulder with the top International players. While Pakistan is hardly producing any player from the PSL.


India seems to dominate the occasion most of the time. They have played only 10 matches since 2013. Among them, Pakistan has only won 3 matches.

Although they did face each other only in the ICC tournaments. Pakistan has not been able to beat India for a single instance in the world cup so far.

Pakistan has to raise the overall standard of cricket if they want to give a tough fight to India.

The match between India & Pakistan, steal create a similar amount of craze among fans. Although nowadays we witness a one-sided match most of the time.

Hopefully, Ind-Pak rivalry will return to its nature of utmost competitiveness.

Thanks a lot for hearing, stay blessed and love cricket. Let me know your voice regarding the topic.

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