5 facts that stand behind the England World cup glory

England World Cup’s success largely depended on their overall team performance. Different individual has raised their game on different situation, which itself the main reason behind their World Cup Glory.

Main factors that stand behind the England cricket team World Cup glory :

  • Opening Partnership 

Both of the England openers were really instrumental during the world cup. Most of the time they were able to build a strong foundation for the later batsman. Moreover, they were really aggressive at the upfront, which does help to unsettle the opposition bowling attack. They played equally good against the spinner and pace bowlers as well. 

  • Archer Factor
Most Wickets in 2019 Cricket World Cup
Most Wickets in 2019 Cricket World Cup

Jofra Archer’s presence has helped the English lineup immensely. Although he was not part of their squad before the World Cup. But batsman really struggled against his pace and immaculate line & length. He was equally good with both the new & old bowl. Furthermore, he provided the x-factor that was missing in the England squad.

  • Aggressive Cricket

The main reason behind the England success in the World Cup is their aggressive nature of playing. Whether they were bowling or batting they looked ruthless in their approach. They looked very little influenced by them irrespective of the situations. Furthermore, anyone from the top six in their batting lineup was more than good enough, to take them from the opposition.

  • Ben Stokes all-round show

Ben Stokes was the crisis man for them, whenever they need anything substantial, with the bat or bowl, he was ready to deliver. Although he was more successful as a batsman rather than a bowler. Moreover, his innings in the late middle order were really crucial for the England World Cup triumph. He was really focused on every precious moment and delivered his A-game for his team.

  • Home Advantage

As they were playing the World Cup in their home ground, it is very natural that the condition will definitely in their favor. They know their pitches more than anybody else. Moreover, English supporters were really electrified to cheer up their team. 


The aggressive brand of England cricket has been really fascinating for the spectators. They always look to enjoy this beautiful game rather than thinking about the outcome.

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