England has won the cup,but New Zealand has won hurts

England vs New Zealand world cup final 2019 the most thrilling cricket match in the cricket history :

England world cup triumph primarily based on their all-round performance. While New Zealand marked all the boxes from the group stages, which allowed them to stay in the hunt. Moreover, they gave their best shot in the cricket 2019 final.

Undoubtedly, the 2019 cricket world Cup final was the most thrilling final match that cricket has ever witnessed. The game really offered everything for the spectators. Moreover, the final was a really good advertisement for the game of cricket.

How England won their maiden World cup title to topple New Zealand in the final :

It is very much evident that in this World Cup New Zealand has not tried to achieve anything extraordinary rather than doing all the basics right. On the other hand, England has played an attacking brand of cricket throughout the tournament.

Both of the team has given their everything to get over the line. After posting a par score of 241, New Zealand bowling department with the assistance of their extraordinary fielding effort they came back very strongly into the game.

In the second half, the game was drifting towards England by the blessing of Buttler and Stokes. But it was the Lockie Ferguson who’s an outrageous catch in the mid-wicket has changed the complete complexion of the game. Regardless of that, it was a matter of great relief for England that Stokes was solid at the other end. His determination proved really vital for his team in the final.

After the wicket of Buttler, New Zealand has taken wicket at regular intervals. Although the game was moving to the direction that no one would not have thought. England needed 15 runs in the final over with two wickets in hand. The hope was still alive for England with the presence of Stokes.

Trent Boult started the final over with two important dot balls. He missed his length in the next ball, as a result, Stokes dispatched it to the crowd for a huge six in the mid-wicket region. So they needed 9 runs in the next three bowls. The 4th bowl of the 49th over was really decisive for both team perspective, but eventually, it turns into a horrible one for New Zealand. Boult bowled a full toss on the middle, Stokes smeared away to the deep mid-wicket to the Guptill.

The stage was set for Guptill to finish the game again through a direct hit. But this time it happened a really unusual occurrence. Guptill had thrown with the intention of a direct hit, but very sadly it had tickles away to the boundary after the deflection with Stokes. Which have ensured England of 4 run gifts. They needed 3 off 2 balls but two run-outs in two ball had lent the game towards the super over the finish.

In the super over England have scored 15 runs. So New Zealand needed 16 runs to win, another tie will make the England World Cup Champions upon the most number of boundaries. Very surprisingly, New Zealand has tied and they lost the match. The game of cricket was it’s was level best in this match where England may have won the match by the cruel low of cricket. But certainly, New Zealand has definitely not lost the match. Best wishes for both of the team for delivering there A-game.

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