Cricket vs Football – why cricket is better?

Football is a game where the number of goals determines the outcome. On the other hand, cricket is the game which is entitled with lots of diversity. Moreover, Cricket can be leveled as the game of glorious uncertainty.

No doubt, right now football is the most popular game of the universe. But at the same time, it is also true that the game of cricket has all the elements to become the top of the chart in terms of fame.

The 2019 cricket world has generated a record amount of viewership across the world. This is itself a sign of the love of people towards this beautiful game. 

ICC WC 2019 one of the world most watched sporting event
ICC WC 2019 one of the world most-watched sporting event

Understanding the basic difference between the two games

As a game, football & cricket completely opposite of each other. In the case of cricket, It is important to give a lot’s importance to every small aspect of the game.

Moreover, to win a game of cricket it is inevitable to win every small moment. Anything opposite of that can be allowed to cost the game. 

Whereas, in the case of football there are no such requirements to win every small moment.

So why it can very easily be said, different phases of a particular cricket match does offer an identical taste to the spectators.

From this point of view, football can be a really boring game, when a certain number of goals are scored in the early part of the game.

Cricket is the game where the consequence of the game heavily depends on a particular day. So it is really hard to predict the winner before the game.

On the other hand, in the case of football, it is far easier to predict the favorite between two teams

Some logic that can justify how the game Cricket can be astonishing than Football

  • 1.Patriotism 

Being a Bangladeshi & a 90’s kid, I have seen the rise of Bangladesh cricket just as my growing age. Literally, in Bangladesh, cricket is not just a game, it is an emotion that binds people from all aspects.

It is the game of integrity & faith for the people of Bangladesh. There is something about cheering for your own country in a sport, this feeling comes from the heart & can’t be replaced by anything else.

  • 2.The Great Revelry & More Twist

To name a few, Brazil Vs. Argentina, Barcelona Vs. Real Madrid is some of the best rivalries in football.

But when it comes to India Vs. Pakistan, Australia Vs. South Africa matches, nothing holds a candle, because these are the mother of all revelries. Just remember the match between Bangladesh & Sri Lanka (Asia cup, 2018).

Bangladesh needed 6 runs to win, 2 balls were left. A moment after that Mahmudullah hits a six & Bangladesh won that match. No words can describe the excitement spectators had. As far as I remember, there were tears of joy in my eyes.

  • 3.Multiple Dimensions

Cricket has multiple diversity while football has only one way of playing. Three different formats of cricket provide identical entertainment to the spectators.

You haven’t lived the sport until you have been in the cricket stadium to experience the different formats while shouting out your favorite player’s name.

  • 4.Battle of Play

A cricketer always seems to be ready for the battle on the ground. A batsman comes with helmet, proper padding & armed with a wooden club.

Moreover, they can play even with injuries if necessary. As an example, Bangladesh’s Tamim Iqbal came in to bat after fracturing his left wrist during the Asia Cup opener against Sri Lanka in 2018. In 2009, Graeme Smith came in to bat with a broken hand against Australia.

On the other hand, footballers look like they are out for a walk in the morning. The slightest injury & a footballer will call for a stretcher on the ground.

  • 5.Test Of Tolerance

Regarding test cricket, the game is played session by session for the whole day long.

Cricketers are not environed by the comfy surroundings most of the time whether the game played on their own ground or another. This is the game of fortitude while football is played for 90 minutes.

  • 6.Fans & Stadiums

Football fans are undoubtedly crazier than cricket fans. History says there are many incidents, especially the worst was the 1985 Heysel stadium disaster in Belgium.

You can search for it for more details. Rioting, murders, setting fire themselves on are things that happened before by football fans.

So comparatively, cricket fans are nearly serene! Besides, cricket stadiums are far more aesthetically polished than football stadiums. You can ask the skilled one in case!


In the end, it is inevitable to say that each game has its own dimensions which do entertain the spectators. But clearly, cricket is the game which offers more for the fans.

Day by day the popularity of cricket is increasing. In addition, cricket has all the elements which are necessary to surpass football in terms of popularity.

Blog post assisted by Ibtida Hasan

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