Is Football threatening to replace cricket as the number one game in Bangladesh?

The Bangladesh football team has improved a lot over the past two years. They have shown some very promising performance in the world cup qualifier so far. Moreover, the Bangladesh Football team is connecting with people, with their admirable performance.

On the other hand, Cricket has been the most popular sport in our country. Almost everyone in Bangladesh is devoted to the game. People from remote villages to higher cities love to enjoy cricket. But our interest in sport does not always limit us within cricket.

Sport is a very important part of our life and you need to admit that. But what about the competitions in different sports. Throughout the process, our focus will be to justify the term how much Football is capable to replace cricket as the most lovable game in Bangladesh.

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How we support our cricketers

Bangladesh cricket gained fame and support from thousands of fans ever since our team was made. The team became a full member of the International Cricket Council in the year 2000. This caught the attention of more Bengalis living all around the world. Cricket fans named the team members as tigers as they resemble the players with Royal Bengal Tigers.

All the people of Bangladesh have been showering the tigers with love and huge respect for the past 23 years. Their success brings us happiness and we celebrate their feat. The Bengalis support the cricket team in every situation of joy and pain. It has been the country’s topmost sport by the support of its fans, the Bengalis, the supporters of the tigers. 

The football game is gaining fame

On the other hand, we have another popular sport, football. The game has been very popular for a long time. As it has a shorter time and people don’t need to wait for the whole day to get a result, this sport is best for impatient viewers.

Some people find football very annoying as they can only see two teams each consisting of eleven players chasing only one ball in a big field. After all these football haters, there are millions of fans for football. The most common thing about football is the FIFA World Cup that takes place once every 5 years. This tournament is kind of an occasion for us.

Even though due to misfortune our country isn’t still qualified for the game, we still love to see the national round. In the villages of Bangladesh, people still listen to the radio for updates about national football. They play their own leagues and many regional players are now on the national team. Eventually, Bangladesh is improving a lot in football. The team is now a member of the Asian Football Federation and won the South Asian championship twice. 

Issues raising within the games

The concern comes when a nation needs to decide for the most wanted sport. There are many people who love to watch both cricket and football. Perhaps they can never choose between them. A very few numbers of people would go against one sport for another. It is only a matter of entertainment. People will enjoy anything that will entertain them.

Why do people think cricket is at risk?

There’s an argument that football is threatening cricket as the country’s number one sport. As it goes by, people think that they need to choose one of the sport as a mean of their daily entertainment.

They support their point showing that there were many countries that were leading the world cricket but now they are only managing to keep up with their football strategies and not caring about any other sport.

Indeed these people truly love cricket and want the nation’s team to lead in the game. But this argument leads to another if cricket should only be the sport leading. 

Why did football need to be taken as a threat?

Nevertheless, football is also the nation’s favorite. Our football team has a huge improvement in the past few years. Back in 2000, football was not that famous in our countries though the game was played and enjoyed by a lot of people everywhere in the country.

Sometimes people take cricket as a complex sport as they find football simpler. They say that football takes less time than other sports so they find it time-effective. As it is not time-consuming like other games, according to them, there are more live viewers of football than cricket. 

Is football really capable of conquering over cricket fans? 

Even after the good hold of arguments by the supporter of football, it is true that football can’t be compared to cricket. After all these successes and attention gained by the nation’s cricket team, it is really hard to imagine the rank of cricket as the number one game of Bangladesh getting down.

Still, never to lose hope, football is also gaining perfection so both the sports should keep their performance best to keep a hold of their positions. 


Bengalis are true supporters of both of the games and we all are willing to see the success of our teams in every field. As for cricket, we support our tigers to give their best in the upcoming challenges and bring success for the country.

A football team can also be considered to continue improving and make a name in not only the nation’s top list but also in world rankings. But up to this date football is not threatening cricket as far as our players are keeping up with constant success. 

Blog post by – Shibatus Bhattacharjee

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