The evolution of the fearless brand of England cricket

England cricket team has completely changed their perception of playing cricket. The success of the England, entirety based on their aggressive way of playing.

Following the process, we will guide you through the transformation of the England cricket team. Where we will also discuss how England is ruling the limited over format by their attacking instinct. Hopefully, it will be great fun!

History of England cricket


Nowadays, this is the obvious way to make the opposition under pressure. To inject aggressiveness in their lineup, they took some tough decisions. Thankfully the decisions paid off for them.

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In the 18th century, cricket became England’s national sport. It has developed globally in the 19th & 20th centuries. Despite the invention, they couldn’t achieve the world cup trophy until this year.

Although they did qualified for the world final three times but fail to win the ultimate glory, meanwhile, This year has been a significant one in the history of English cricket indeed.

The long-awaited achievement has come through deeply cherished desire, hard work, endurance & mutation of the scheme.

The Win-loss ratio by top team in ODI since World Cup 2015
The win-loss ratio by the top team in ODI since World Cup 2015

This particular ratio is clarifying of most wins by top teams since the 2015 world cup.

Can you see the difference? England team has started winning the game & kept their mindset ready for the big win since earlier.

This is proved that they haven’t just come & won the world cup trophy; instead, they’ve made up their objective formerly

The advancement of the bold brand of England cricket

How England have adopted the fearless brand of cricket

There used to be very few differences, the way England played, across the different formats of cricket in the past.

Their aggression of playing started since the elimination from the 2015 world cup in the group stages against Bangladesh.

After this colossal loss, England cricket board felt they need to reassess their cricket. That time their brand of playing cricket was one dimensional & defensive in manner.

After that incident, they have planned a new scheme of batting & bowling, which can be easily assumed.

This new scheme of a team combination was worth it. They are the only team to pass 400runs more than once in recent times. Such as 481 runs against Australia in 2018, 444 runs against Pakistan in 2016 & so forth.


Run rate of top teams in ODI over(1-10) since world cup 20150
The run rate of top teams in ODI over(1-10) since world cup 20150

Openers are setting the tone in the upfront 

England has set the tone at top orders. Jonny Bairstow & Jason Roy has made it quite fearsome & tough to break the opening partnership.

They also top the list of opening partnerships of the world cup with an average of 58.7, second-best are Pakistan’s Fakhar Zaman & Imam-Ul-Haq (57.7), third-best are India’s Shikhar Dhawan & Rohit Sharma (45).

England run rate in ODI by different coach(2003-2019)
England run rate in ODI by different coach(2003-2019)

England cricket team evolvement under different coaches 

There is a saying that all coaching is about taking a player where he can’t bring himself.

All coaches do try their best to motivate team efforts at its best. But we couldn’t agree more with this saying when the coach is T.Beyliss.

He must have done something unrivalled which brought about the best output & team efforts from this particular team. Moreover, England did witness a dramatic change in terms of their mentality under his coaching.

Domination of the English Batsmen in the ODI Format

More than one player of the England team is in the top ten highest run-scorer in ODI since 2015.

With the highest strike rates, these hard hitter batsmen have made up their place on top.

Jos Buttler, Jonny Bairstow & Jason Roy are the most destructive batsmen of England team at present.

Top 8 run-scorer in ODI since 2015 cricket World Cup
Top 8 run-scorer in ODI since 2015 cricket World Cup

Contribution of bowlers  

Batsmen are pretty engrossing still there are more jobs left to do to be a strong contender for others. So now It’s over to bowlers.

England’s success with the ball is down to their spinners, especially Adil Rashid (leg spinner) & Moeen Ali (off-spinner).

They have taken most wickets for England in recent years. And Jofra Archer, capable of delivering the ball at speeds of 90mph, a gem of English cricket indeed.

He has only become eligible to play for England in March. Since then, he has shown enough reasons to promote him in the mainstream.

And everyone knows what happened next in the final match of the world cup. He has proved himself quite impressively.

The new scheme wouldn’t work up to the mark if captain Morgan weren’t in the wheel. Since now, he is called to be the best leader England has had ever in this form of cricket.

“I rate him as the best captain we’ve had in the one-day cricket” -narrated by former captain  Michael Vaughan on a BBC podcast. On the whole, his stubborn integrity has made him a consistent & evolving player & a role model for other captains.


However, the England team has proven valuable all the harsh lessons learned in previous years.

Their fearless brand of cricket, new schemes & strategies have proved that with hard work, success is not a meditation anymore. This time they haven’t done anything wrong that would alleviate the chance of winning the match.

Though New Zealand was also a well-deserving team to bring about the world cup trophy home, in the end, England did the job.

The long-awaited & well deserved victory of England came in the final match of world cup 2019 after a breath-taking game against New Zealand. Finally, England’s fearless brand of cricket, new schemes & strategies have proved that with hard work, success is not a meditation anymore.

Blog post assisted by Ibtida Hasan

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